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Fully Automated, Insanely Scalable

Influencer marketing is broken. Or at least it was. If you’ve ever tried to activate multiple influencers at once, you know exactly what we are talking about. TrueBridge solves it all.

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    Upload a brief
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    Define your target influencers
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    We text thousands of them to opt into your campaign
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    Activate within minutes

The Old Way

no longer your problem!


Spend hours trying to find influencers that fit your project and then search for their contact information


Email influencers who don’t respond, or respond at different times, or respond and then ghost


Spend weeks going back and forth trying to close a deal without knowing if its even worth it

Pay and Pray

Pay before you see any results and hope they actually post, and if they do, that they do it on time

End up with 5-10 Max

After all this effort, if you've activated even ten influencers, you’re a happy camper

Do it Again

Start all over…